Mind and matter

Giobaodesign is a brand that rejects stereotypes and impositions, a brand that leaves ample space to creativity, too often suffocated or channeled within excessively rigid confines. Giobaodesign represents the desire to create products that do not require an industrial repetitive production, in favor of a more straightforward handicraft production, where one can have the pleasure of not only imagining unique pieces, but also of shaping them with his own hands, feeling the materialness of the linings, the smell of the colors,…. the satisfaction of the search and of the experimentation. I like to view Giobaodesign as a project that is not only liberating towards the external world, but also open source, in other words a project into which ideas flow from the outside capable of feeding it and keeping it alive more and more with each passing day.

Because of the idea

Since 1979, I have been working as a freelance professional in the field of communication, dealing with graphic arts and advertising projects as Luca Cattaneo Studio. I have always drawn and envisaged objects and furnishings that combined art and design, after crossing the half-century mark, I decided to start realizing these objects under the brand name Gioboadesign, attempting to transmit to each one of my pieces the enthusiasm with which I have undertaken this adventure.

Behind the name

Giobao is how I would have liked to call my dog, a golden retriever.
He is a nice and cheerful dog, full of energy, always keen on playing and filled with youth enthusiasm; far from accepting impositions, he is more keen on breaking orders than following them - just like Giobaodesign.
For the record: the dog's name is Lucky, as agreed by the whole family…. and not because the family doesn't like following rules, but because the name seemed to be the right name to the majority of us, expressing the "luck" of being adopted by a family of creatives.